How do I transfer a prescription to Robertspharma?

Call or stop by either of our Roberts locations. You can also complete a Prescription Transfer Request and fax it to us or drop it by.Give our pharmacy staff the name and phone number of the pharmacy that you will be transferring your prescription from, along with information about the medication and doctor who prescribed it.Let us take it from there! We’ll contact the pharmacy and/or doctor if needed and have your prescription waiting for you when you arrive.

I have a concern about one of my prescriptions. What do I do?

First, if it is a serious emergency, always contact your physician immediately. If your concern is not urgent, we look forward to talking to you about any questions or issues you may have. Call or come by any of our locations to speak with a member of the pharmacy staff.

What do I do if my medications I ordered online didn't arrived.

If your medication or order didn’t make it through to final delivery, you will be compensated with a re-delivery of same product.

Will i be provided with tracker info when my order has been posted?

Yes you will be provided with copies of receipt of your order showing proof of postage alone tracking barcode to enable you get all Infos online.